What is Visitmap?
Visitmap is a world map with you in it. In other words , create you own world map with your travel history with all the places you visited(or places you want to-visit) .

Why do I need my own Visitmap?
World would be a better place if we know where to go. We want to help you to go more place, at the same time help you track the places that you visited so that you can look back and refresh you memory.

How can I find top places to visit in a city or a state?
With four clicks (no messy searching , no need to remember any names ) you can easily find the list of top places to visit in any state or any city in the world.

How can I find out the places to visit from others(friend and family)?
What we see help guide our collective imagination , in future you will see places others(friend and family) visited.

Can I share my Visitmap with my friends and family?
Yes , currently you can share your Visitmap(click on share button on the top left hand side in the home screen) via other sharing tools ( like chat , WhatsApp etc).

Can I mark the list of state that I visited in any country ?
Yes , you can also mark/track at state level in any country. [you don’t have to mark/track a place or a city you visited , but its good place though. Don’t you think?]

What is the goal or motto of this tool.
We believe that Life’s a trip the more you travel the better you will be. We also believe that : The ‘you’ now and the ‘you’ 20 years from now will be the places you visit and the people you meet.

Can I reset my password?

Can i signup via google or facebook ?
Currently no , if you are interested to do so please contact us. We may enable sign up via others.

How can I provide my feedback on the tool?
Yes , via “feedback” button on the profile page.

How can I reach out to you if I have any question?
Obviously via “feedback” button on the profile page.